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shop our final collection before we close for good

DESIGNED by us for changing bodies sizes 30-0

CUSTOMIZED by you with your unique measurements

HANDMADE by us with eco fabrics in our LA studio

WORN by you for years to come even when your body changes

How It Works

01. Our timeless and inclusive collections are designed for real bodies by Hanna, our Founder, using fabrics we source and dye right here in Los Angeles.

02. Our size guide will help you find your fit, and select customizations where needed. Or let us create a custom fit.

03. Each and every purchase is hand made to order in our Los Angeles-based studio for less waste and to tailor to your needs.

04. Slow fashion takes time, so after the 3-5 week wait, celebrate the arrival of your thoughtfully-made garments! If it’s not the perfect fit, send it back to us for alterations or an exchange.

Wearing Size 5.5 on top and Size 7 on bottom. 44" bust, 38/39" waist, and 56" hip.

Made to Order, For Nora.

“I usually shy away from tapered leg jumpsuits. Luckily, Sotela allowed me to customize the sizing on this, and its just so comfortable and looks so sleek, I’m sort of beside myself with glee.”



“Sotela” comes from the Spanish word “tela” which means “fabric”. The “so” comes from “sew” and combined “sew fabric” speaks to our ethical, handmade design process.