The Fabrics

We believe that well designed clothing can be made without compromising people or the planet. We only use environmentally-friendly fabrics in our designs that not only look great, but also feel great.

Modal: The Jersey Swing dress is made with a modal/spandex fabric that is soft to the touch. Modal is made from the pulp of renewable beech trees. Beech wood forests are natural and sustainable because they propogate on their own. 

Tencel: The Shift and Cocoon dresses are made with a tencel twill that is more absorbent than cotton and feels like silk. Tencel is made from natural wood fibers that require less water and are produced using a closed loop system that recycles the solvents for future use.


The Factory 

Our manufacturing facility, located in Costa Mesa, California works with an incredibly talented team that has more than a decade of experience in garment manufacturing. They pride themselves in maintaining a safe and clean environment while also paying legal wages to its employees. 

We've worked closely with this factory and visit monthly to ensure you are receiving quality products. Sotela is committed to supporting the community and providing Americans job opportunities.