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Our Sizing Explained - Sotela

Our Sizing Explained

Originally posted April 8, 2020.

We started Sotela with three garments in three sizes. Each size was large enough to fit multiple body types. Instead of using the conventional language of small, medium, and large we used 1 through 3. My hope was that it would make choosing a size feel positive and simple.

That simplicity in sizing was something I needed in 2016 after going through a hormone imbalance and not being able to fit into the majority of my closet. It’s also the reason why I started Sotela!

In early 2018, we added a size 0 and 4, which began our journey into more inclusive sizing. It took about a year, but by April 2019, we launched our for all size range. Our offering now includes sizes 0-10, which is equivalent to conventional sizes 0-30.

I’m proud we’ve been able to achieve a level of inclusivity as a small business, but one thing I didn’t realize is that our sizing can also be confusing!

Let’s begin, shall we?

How to Choose a Sotela Size

  1. Measure yourself – This one is very important if you shop online, which as of now, I think we all are! Check out our tutorial to measure yourself because the hip is usually the measurement that is wrong. Hint: your hip measurement is lower than you think.
  2. Once you have your measurements, go to the product page for the garment you are interested in and click on the “Sizing and fit” tab or “Garment Measurements for Petite, etc.”
  3. The garment measurements on the product page will tell you the actual width and length of the garment. For example: the Ryan Trouser measures 26″ with an unstretched waistband and 42″ in the hip for the size 1.
  4. Based on your measurements, choose a size that is about 2″ more than your largest measurement. For example: I have a 39″ hip. The size 1 hip measures 42″ which gives me about 3″ of ease. The size 0 measures 40″ in the hip making it too small for me.
  5. Make sure to use your largest measurement when choosing a size, especially if you are looking at a jumpsuit or dress. If your bust is larger than your hip, I’d recommend choosing a size based on your bust because that ensures it will give sufficient ease for the rest of your body.
  6. If you are in between sizes, let us know! We offer half sizes in most garments.
  7. Lastly, if you are still unsure, email us hello (at) with your measurements! We are happy to recommend a size.

Each size grows about 3″ which is more than double the industry standard. It allows for flexibility with your body’s natural ebb and flow.

Sotela is for changing humans.

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