made to order with four week lead time


What does made-to-order mean? 

Made-to-order means we don't make anything until after an order is placed on our website. This model not only ensures we minimize waste, but it also gives us the flexibility to make certain customizations for our customers. 

What is your lead time?

Since we only cut and sew after an order is placed, there is often a lead time. Our lead time is typically displayed on our home page and under each product page.  At the moment, we are at a 5-week lead time. I know it can seem like a lot, but this truly is slow fashion!

What is my Sotela size? 

We have a blog post dedicated to this! We recommend measuring yourself using this guide on our website. Compare your measurements to the garment's measurements listed under each product. Choose a size that is about 2" larger than your largest measurement. If you need assistance choosing a size, Becca at customer care can help! Her email is 

Do you offer refunds? 

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds at this time. If for any reason an item does not work for you, we offer free returns for store credit. 

Do you customize orders? 

For the most part, yes. These are the customization we will continue to offer at no extra charge: waistband changes, increasing or decreasing rise and/or inseam lengths,  and other easy hems.   

With that being said, we will start charging for more complex customizations since they take additional time to cut and sew. 

Does my store credit expire 

No, it does not! 

Can I purchase a gift card for someone else? 

 Yes, of course! Under contact information, make sure to add their email address! 

Do you ship internationally? 

 We do! We only offer USPS for international shipping as UPS and DHL charge brokerage fees on top of duties and shipping charges. 

Can I change my shipping address?

You can as long as your order hasn't shipped! Once it's out of our studio, we are unable to make any changes! 


 Sotela's approach to sizing is a little different. Instead of using the conventional small, medium and large, we've decided to change our wording because why not! We want to keep things simple and offer the most out of your clothing. 



Here's a step by step of how to choose your Sotela size:

  1. Measure yourself – This one is very important if you shop online, which as of now, I think we all are! Check out our tutorial to measure yourself because we use low hip measurements with our clothing. 
  2. Once you have your measurements, go to the product page for the garment you are interested in and click on the “Sizing and fit” tab or “Garment Measurements for Petite, etc.”
  3. The garment measurements on the product page will tell you the actual width and length of the garment. For example: the Ryan Trouser measures 26″ with an unstretched waistband and 42″ in the hip for the size 1.
  4. Based on your measurements, choose a size that is about 2″ more than your largest measurement. For example: I have a 39″ hip. The size 1 hip measures 42″ which gives me about 3″ of ease. The size 0 measures 40″ in the hip making it too small for me.
  5. Make sure to use your largest measurement when choosing a size, especially if you are looking at a jumpsuit or dress. If your bust is larger than your hip, I’d recommend choosing a size based on your bust because that ensures it will give sufficient ease for the rest of your body.
  6. Lastly, if you are still unsure, email us hello (at) with your measurements! We are happy to recommend a size.

The video below can give you a better idea of how to measure yourself!